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JT Racing USA

JT Racing will be a brand grounded in its heritage, but focused on the future. We will re-structure the business from being a brand focused on the competition to one that embraces the overall lifestyle of motocross.

No longer just about the sport, but about the lifestyle. We will execute on this vision through the lens of a millennial consumer. This will allow us to “create and connect with the cool” of the lifestyle.

On a daily basis, millions of people participate in motocross in their own unique way. Whether it is on a dirt track in the Texas backcountry or on the paved and crowded streets of New York City, it is still motocross. From Seattle to Sydney to Sao Paulo and everywhere in between, JT Racing will be there for all of it."Customer service was great, and I was notified and informed on developments throughout from selecting the right bike to having it shipped and assembled at home. There is no place better for purchasing a racing gear then the GT Racing USA."


It all started with socks. Colorful, stretchy motocross socks that John and Rita Gregory – a pharmacist couple living in San Diego – figured might sell well enough to offset John’s growing racing expenses during the late 1960s. The couple sold socks out in the desert and at the track from the trunk of their car, as well as from a glass case in their pharmacy lobby.

  In 1967, John and Rita Gregory moved to SoCal and begin selling socks from their pharmacy and car. Then in 1969, the Gregory’s establish JT Racing.

  By the mid 1970s, JT was offering a wide variety of innovative action sports gear, including gloves, pants, goggles, jerseys, face guards, gear bags, chest protectors, shoulder pads and casual wear.

Over the next 50 years, JT would grow to be one of the most iconic action sports brands in the world.

JT Racing has been there for all the sport’s most iconic moments including in 1981 when Team USA won the “MX des Nations” championship while wearing JT Racing gear.


As we look towards the future, it is hard to ignore what is happening all across the world. In cities everywhere, young adults are taking to the streets and on their Motocross and BMX bikes. In the absence of traditional dirt tracks or BMX parks, they ride on the street.

This movement is known as Bike Life.

The Bike Life movement isn’t limited to the streets Baltimore and New York City either. A quick glance at Bike Life related hashtags on social media and you will find millions of posts worldwide.

Bike Life. fits perfectly with the JT Racing DNA. It is Young, Fresh, Fun, Daring and Defiant.
Bike Life


While grounded in our heritage we look towards the future embracing all generations of JT Racing enthusiasts. We will continue to deliver the very best motocross and bmx products with quality and design being at the forefront.