It all started with socks. Colorful, stretchy motocross socks that John and Rita Gregory – a pharmacist couple living in San Diego – figured might sell well enough to offset John’s growing racing expenses during the late 1960s. The couple sold socks out in the desert and at the track from the trunk of their car, as well as from a glass case in their pharmacy lobby.
In 1969, John and Rita Gregory established JT Racing.
By the mid 1970s, JT offered a wide variety of innovative MX gear, including gloves, pants, goggles, jerseys, face guards, air filters, gear bags, chest protectors, shoulder pads and casual wear.
Over the next 50 years, JT would grow to be the most iconic motocross brand in the world and at the epicenter of the Motocross industry.
JT Racing has been there for all the sport’s most iconic moments including in 1981 when Team USA won the “MX des Nations” championship while wearing JT Racing gear.